Walking Bass iim7b5-V7b9-Im7 Minor Lines

In this course the student will build a musically useful vocabulary of walking lines for 2-5-1 lines that covers a lot of ground on the fingerboard. The use of chord tones, mode tones, chromaticism, and dissonance will be discussed and demonstrated. These lines will provide a solid foundation for walking on a variety of chord progressions and will help to prepare the student to play effective, rhythmic walking lines on songs and standards.

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Learning Objectives

  • Play effective walking lines on major and minor 2-5-1 chord progressions.

  • Use scalar lines with chromaticism for harmonic flavor.

  • Use triadic material at will to add range.

  • Create rhythmic interest without overpowering the groove.

  • Train the ear by singing all bass lines played.

Difficulty Level

This course material begins at an easier level but becomes intermediate/advanced within a few lessons. There is much use of rhythm, range, and modal harmonic flavor to create challenges for more advanced players.