Walking Bass Modal

Learning to play walking bass lines is a mixed bag of subtle and sophisticated. There seems to be less notes to play, but at the same time you need to know ALL notes and chordal sounds to do it effectively. To be a modern player you need to know how to play in this supportive style. In this course you will start by building a solid foundation for your walking lines, at first learning an effective library of lines on m7, dom7, and major I chords (dorian, mixolydian, and ionian), and then moving on from there. This will prepare you for the 251 walking bass courses and also for playing on jazz standards. Learning how to play quarter-note lines is a life changing skill for any bassist. If you dive head first into the world of walking you’ll never regret developing this incredibly satisfying and useful skill set!

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Learning Objectives

  • Play effective walking lines on major and minor 2-5-1 chord progressions.

  • Use scalar lines with chromaticism for harmonic flavor.

  • Use triadic material at will to add range.

  • Create rhythmic interest without overpowering the groove.

  • Train the ear by singing all bass lines played.

Difficulty Level

This course material begins at an easier level but becomes intermediate/advanced within a few lessons. There is much use of rhythm, range, and modal harmonic flavor to create challenges for more advanced players.