Triad Workout

Triads are fundamental to music and they are a significant part of the material that a bassist will need for supportive playing. In this course you will form useful major and minor triad positions covering the entire instrument. In addition, you will learn the note names all over the fingerboard by spelling the triad inversions as you play. You will create a rock-solid fingerboard grip, gain confidence, and prepare yourself for all further musical studies as a bassist.

Learning Objectives

– Play and memorize useful triad positions all over the fingerboard.

– Learn the note names on the fingerboard.

– Develop a solid foundation for your fingerboard grip.

Difficulty Level

This is a serious study for all playing levels. On the one hand this course covers basic material, but it is done in a comprehensive manner and requires that students take their time and play all material throughout the full range of the bass. The sequel to this study is very demanding, so be prepared!

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