Triad Accent Studies

If you ever get the feeling that technical exercises on your instrument are too far away from real music to bother learning, then you’ll want to work through this triadic material and the dynamics. Various arpeggio break-ups will be introduced and soon a light will start to go on in your head: This is how I need to practice everything that I learn! The professional-level control that you develop over these essential musical materials will get your playing in smokin’ condition.

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Learning Objectives

– Play all major and minor triad positions with expressive control.

– Play all triad positions as broken arpeggios.

– “Benchmark” your dynamics for any and every playing situation.

– Expand pizzicato technique to professional skill levels.

Difficulty Level

All material in this course can be studied by intermediate through professional level players. If you are an advanced beginner and can take your time with these exercises, you will make great progress.