Rhythm Studies

Lesson Clip No. 5

by Kevin Guin


Here is a clip from my Rhythm Studies course that doesn’t use widely divergent rhythms such as whole notes and sixteenths. This time it is a pair of similarly paced rhythmic values: Eighth notes and Quarter-note Triplets.


If you spend much time thinking about it you will find that it is easy to fumble these rhythms up. But one of these rhythms is “straight down the middle” and the other seems to float over the top of the rhythm section. An older name for quarter-note triplets is “drag triplets” because it feels like you have to drag them to get them to slot out in the measure.


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If you work to become a scientist of rhythm using my Rhythmic Contrast method consistently for 30 minutes a day, then sometime within the 6-month mark you are going to discover something incredible: that you can play it any way you want. You can play it like a speed-demon or you can play it slow and easy and be just as happy to do one or the other, or both. 


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