Rhythm Studies

Lesson Clip No. 9

by Kevin Guin



Don’t malign your quarter notes!! You have a minimum of the Seven Colors Of The Rhythmic Rainbow at your disposal. Our Quarter notes are being kicked to the curb on a daily basis and substituted with crass sixteenth-note triplets :))


Seriously, my bass people, let’s take our time and appreciate the full palette of rhythmic values and learn how to make convincing musical statements with ALL rhythms.


My Rhythm Studies course is a subtle tour de force of slam dunk rhythmic necessity. Did someone just say “slam dunk rhythmic necessity”? It’s true!! If you can work like a scientist of rhythm for six months every day for approximately 30 minutes using my Rhythmic Contrast method you are going to have “lightening bolt” moments where you realize: This stuff is smokin’.


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You might think that harmony is the most important part of music, but any music instructor in the know will tell you: Rhythm is THE primary element in music. Don’t short-change yourself and take your rhythmic skills for granted.


For all of the work that we musicians put into our music – the band rehearsals, the bleary-eyed late nights studying transcriptions or just driving to and from gigs – I will tell you one thing right now that you need to know:


It is VERY easy to devalue what you already know how to play by having mediocre rhythmic skills.


On the one hand, having solid rhythm skills always sounds great. On the other hand, when you have developed your skills in rhythm then everything else you learn, every other skill that you add to your playing sounds great right from the get-go.


On my website Bass Lessons With Kevin I have 120 video lessons archived with 14 courses and counting for all levels of playing abilities. It’s great stuff and represents a LOT of important and necessary work for all bassists! 


Go for the gold by friend. Go for total rhythmic mastery!