There will always be a number of topics related to our music studies here on Bass Lessons With Kevin that concern the process of learning rather than being a part of the more routine technical/musical issues such as harmony or chord structure, etc. For the most part I want to avoid all sorts of far flung verbiage and put more of the emphasis on influencing students to practice in a manner that is smart, helpful and yields multiple benefits.


For students to enjoy themselves should also be a part of the learning equation. It might seem like an obvious thing to say, but having had some real fun during your last practice session is a big part of the inspiration to pick up your bass guitar again.


I have always said to my students, especially after demanding group classes where playing with and for other fellow students puts some natural added pressure to the situation: make sure you cultivate a little bit of fun everyday when you practice. It is perfectly natural to want to learn quickly but there should always be a bit of healthy interplay between the extreme effort necessary to learn difficult materials and the inspirational effect of having had a nice jam session. 


If you like jamming along with a playlist of your favorite tunes to loosen up and get ready to dig in to your more specific practice material by all means do it. Please remember to never let anything spoil your enjoyment of practicing or your enjoyment of the learning process in general.


The learning process itself is always an interesting and necessary topic. I will make sure to circle back and return to it again soon.


Have a great day everyone. -Kevin