Modal Color

Do you feel that your own standard riffs aren’t getting you much get-up-and-go anymore? You need to experiment with these beautiful modal sounds. Learn to take your time and really hear the colors that are locked inside those scales you’ve been running. By comparing the sound of the color tones in modes to the more functional notes you will start to crave these sounds and learn how to emphasize them in your playing. This is great stuff and it’s been right there all along!

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Learning Objectives

– Understand modalism and harmonize any scale.

– Spell scales with confidence.

– Play convincing phrases that emphasize the upper structure notes for any modal sound.

– Use space, rhythmic figures, scalar/linear lines, and other musical techniques that frame and introduce modal sounds.

Difficulty Level

These exercises are challenging and generally require intermediate to professional facility on the bass, but the techniques used to experiment with modal sounds are valuable and attainable for more basic players as well.