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Bass Lessons With Kevin

I don’t know how to read standard notation. Are there charts with tablature?2018-10-04T11:44:54-05:00

All charts come with standard notation and tablature.

The play-along is too fast/slow. Can I get a different tempo play-along?2018-09-21T16:52:31-05:00

There are over one thousand play-along tracks so far. Each lesson has two tracks available below the player window. At the time of the launching of the website, the method of giving access to the full library of play-along tracks is still being worked out. I will always be developing more tracks for you to use.

I’m a beginning player. How do I get started on Bass Lessons With Kevin?2018-09-21T17:09:24-05:00

The best start and a great foundation for all players is to work through the Triad Workout, and Rhythm Studies courses. I explain this is more detail the How To Get Started video on the Courses page. Also, the Blues course is a great way to get closer to professional-level playing in a shorter amount of time. But I will definitely have even more to say as things progress!

I’m an intermediate player. Are there courses just for my level?2018-09-21T17:13:19-05:00

All coursework has multiple levels of difficulty. Even experienced Intermediates should work through the Triad Workout course. The Rhythm Studies are outstanding and necessary for every level of player. Great stuff! As the Songs And Standards section starts to fill out there will be tons of great stuff in there for intermediates as well as pro-level players.

I play jazz standards on various private gigs and jobbing dates, but my walking bass playing and soloing is pretty weak. What should I start working on?2018-09-21T17:10:29-05:00

My recommendation would be to dig very conscientiously into the Triad Workout at the same time as working on Songs And Standards. But try to remember that any form of accent studies will do wonders to make anything you play sound professional level.

Can I get private lessons with Kevin on Skype?2018-09-22T16:02:37-05:00

I don’t have plans to do much skyping, but in the early stages of the website development I wouldn’t mind doing some Skype lessons. I take your learning needs seriously and I will always keep you going on new material and showing you interesting things to learn and working to play great bass.

If I make a suggestion, what is the possibility that a video lesson or a course can be created with my particular needs?2018-10-05T18:27:04-05:00

I definitely want to respond as quickly as I can to your suggestions. I will be forming a private Facebook group within the Bass Lessons With Kevin Facebook page where we will be able to discuss a wide variety of your musical concerns, questions, and suggestions that I know will arise as the subscriber community grows.

Who can I contact if I have concerns about the website?2018-10-12T23:59:35-05:00

For anything strictly bass-related or anything about lesson structure, etc, you can always email me at kevin @ basslessonswithkevin dot com. For the time being (at least until the call volume gets too high), I do have a Google Voice number: (847) 281-5139 but I recommend that you text me first to set up the call.

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