Pentatonics When you need to build your fingerboard grip and develop stamina to play a wide variety of demanding materials, you are going to need to master pentatonic scales – not only because [...]

Blues, Rhythm & Blues, and Jazz – Pt. 1

There is a great place to be in the world of modern bass guitar playing. That place sits squarely in the midst of the Blues and the Jazz traditions. It is not my wish to [...]

Lightening Up

Basics Of Technique - Lightening Up On the one hand, as long as there are no glaring physical issues with either one's fingerboard technique or one's pizzicato/fingerstyle I feel that it should not be overly [...]

Pace Yourself And Enjoy The Learning Process

There will always be a number of topics related to our music studies here on Bass Lessons With Kevin that concern the process of learning rather than being a part of the more routine technical/musical [...]

More Thoughts On The The Learning Process

One tendency, I think, that dogs down the pace of learning for musicians is that of allowing vagaries to cloud one's mind and therefore hamper the ability to be objective about musical materials and how [...]

The Learning Process

It’s an open secret. You practice scales, harmonies, melodies and all sorts of musical materials. But what is the element that gets you from point A to point B? Everyone knows there is ton of [...]

Bass Lessons With Kevin

Bass Lessons With Kevin is a rapidly evolving website that represents the culmination of my 20 years of professional music teaching experience. The lessons and specific courses of study will be an extremely effective and [...]