Bass Chords – Chordal Warm Up

This chordal warm up routine can be played with a wide variety of difficulty levels for players who want to build the foundation of a super solid chordal skill set. To use alternating picking patterns between your thumb and upper fingers can generate a ton of great rhythm to keep you busy. And building your grip to handle these three- and four-note chords is an incredibly helpful skill for your playing. Challenge yourself to learn this first entry in the Bass Chords series!

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Learning Objectives

– Develop the skill to play three-note, and four-note chords.

– Play alternating patterns between thumb and upper fingers.

– Improvise rhythmic interplay between the bass note and the upper voices of an arpeggio.

– Build a more skillful and effective fingerboard grip for every playing style.

Difficulty Level

This routine can be played by advanced beginners on up to professional players by using several levels of increasing difficulty.