Accent Studies Lesson 4

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Benchmarking reviewed and demonstrated. Practicing random accents is something to consider. Learn to take benchmarking onto the gig to setup your sound. Use a medium-light touch as the basis for your kinetic range and your room dynamics. This will enable effective communication with the drummer.

Two new accent patterns for eighth-notes are counted and demonstrated: 2/3 and 2/+3. Learn to “stretch” your kinetic range. Accent studies are enjoyable as well as incredibly useful. New accent patterns for triplets are counted and demonstrated: 1-2-3/1-2-3, and 1-2-3/1-2-3. Notes that are accented don’t have to be too short or muted and can still be connected with other notes in a more or less legato manner. This is control of technique to be developed. To “feather” the note after the accent speaks of one’s flexibility in expression.

Accents are the “microcosm of dynamics” but Dynamics are part of the wider world of musical expression. This type of study gives the musician many options when playing. Use the metronome to challenge yourself and to help develop your expression-level.

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