Accent Studies

This is a challenging study that all bassists should aspire to master. You will play a wide variety of accents on scale patterns. Simply count out the accent pair and get to work developing a high level of control over each and every note that you play. You will notice the difference in your playing in just a few short weeks. Your touch and your tone will take a massive leap forward! And nothing makes a bass line pop like masterful use of accents and dynamics.

Learning Objectives

Count and play various accent pairs on eighth-note and triplet rhythms.

Develop independence between your use of rhythm and dynamics.

Greatly expand dynamic range.

Use awareness of dynamics to setup your sound for any room.

Difficulty Level

This course material is generally too difficult for beginners and is still quite challenging for any student all the way through to professional levels. Students should be able to play eighth-note scale patterns at approximately 110-130 bpm or more.


Accent Studies


Accent Studies


Accent Studies


Accent Studies