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With courses for motivated bass players of all levels, has a wide array of traditional and modern lessons to keep you learning, improving, and playing great bass.


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My bass guitar lesson catalog has courses for all skill levels designed to help you keep improving at your own pace. Whether you need to get out and play live, or you are already playing gigs and still want to work on your technique or really get into soloing, has a continually growing list of practical coursework and a proven, helpful learning model.


Rhythmic Contrast Swing

All learning objectives from the original Rhythm Studies course are in force in this study. Prepare yourself to play swinging eighth note rhythms by practicing with a rhythm section accompaniment and thoroughly comparing and contrasting common rhythms to basic swinging eighth-notes. You will get great practice in developing that swing to your phrasing, which is an extremely useful playing skill whether you are playing bass lines or soloing.

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Diatonic Triads


Modal Color

Triad Accent Studies